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  • Raw materials development

    Raw materials development

  • Start point Formulations

    Start point Formulations

  • Independent paint testing

    Independent paint testing

  • Paint formulation Optimization

    Paint formulation Optimization

  • Education of sales teams

    Education of sales teams

  • Paint business support

    Paint business support

Raw materials development

Testing Service

  • Liquid properties
    Liquid properties
    Liquid properties

    Liquid properties

    Testing paints before application. Basic testing of liquid properties.

    Density ISO 2811-1 ASTM D1475 BS 3900-A19 DIN 53217
    Fineness of grind ISO 1524 ASTM D1210
    Flash point ISO 3679 ASTM D3278 BS 2000-523
    Freeze-thaw resistance ISO 1147 ASTM D2243
    Non-volatile ISO 3251

    ISO 3233

    ASTM D1644

    ASTM D2832

    BS 3900-B18

    BS 3900-A10

    pH ISO 976 ASTM E70
    Sample evaluation ISO 1513
    Package stability ASTM D1849
    Settling ASTM D869

    ASTM D1309

    Oil absorption ISO 787-5 ASTM D281

    ASTM D1483

    Coarse particles ASTM D185
  • Weathering


    Accelerated weathering in xenon-arc and UV-radiation chambers, temperature change resistance and other aging tests.

    Exposure systems for wood EN 927-6
    Xenon-arc chamber exposure ISO 16474-2

    ISO 4892-2

    ASTM D6695
    UV chamber exposure ISO 16474-3

    ISO 4892-3

    ASTM D4587 BS 3900-F16
    Temperature change resistance ASTM D1211
    Sunlight/soak/freeze-thaw ASTM D5722
    Conditioning before testing EN 1062-11
    Efflorescence resistance ASTM D7072
    Evaluation after accelerated weathering and other aging tests ISO 4628 ASTM D610

    ASTM D660

    ASTM D661

    ASTM D662

    ASTM D714

    ASTM D772

    ASTM D4214

  • Color, gloss, opacity
    Color, gloss, opacity
    Color, gloss, opacity

    Color, gloss, opacity

    Color, color difference, opacity, gloss and other optical properties of coatings.

    Color, color different, color coordinates ISO 11664

    ISO 7724

    ASTM D2244 BS 3900
    Specular gloss ISO 2813 ASTM D523

    ASTM D3928

    BS 3900-D5 DIN 67530
    Haze ASTM D4039
    Whiteness and yellowness ASTM E313
    Opacity ISO 6504-1

    ISO 6504-3

    ASTM D344

    ASTM D2805

    Porosity ASTM D3258
    Dirt pick-up index UNI 10792
    Color development ASTM D5326
  • Physico-mechanical


    Mechanical and physical testing of coatings

    Surface drying time ISO 9117-3 BS 3900-C2
    Drying time – recorder ISO 9117-4 ASTM D5895
    Drying time

    – Bandow-Wolff test

    ISO 9117-5 BS 3900-C3
    MFFT ISO 2115 ASTM D2354
    Low temperature coalescence ASTM D3793
    Coatings thickeness ISO 2808 ASTM D4138

    ASTM D6132

    ASTM 4414

    BS 3900-C5
    Pendulum damping time ISO 1522 ASTM D4366 BS 3900-E5
    Pencil hardness ISO 15184 ASTM D3363 BS 3900-E19
    Scratch resistance ISO 1518-1 BS 3900-E2
    Flexibility ISO 1519

    ISO 6860

    ASTM D522 BS 3900-E1

    BS 3900-E11

    Adhesion – cross cut ISO 2409 ASTM D3359
    Adhesion – pull-off ISO 4624 ASTM D4541
    Impact resistance ISO 6272-1 ASTM D2794 BS 3900-E13
    Wet adhesion to old alkyd coatings ASTM D6900
    Wet-scrub resistance ISO 11998 ASTM D2486

    ASTM D4213

    DIN 53778-2
    Cleanability ASTM D3450
    Burnish resistance ASTM D6736
    Water-vapor permeability ISO 7783 ASTM D1653
    Water permeability EN 1062-3
    Blocking properties ASTM D2064

    ASTM D4946

    Abrasion restance ASTM D968
    Open time ASTM D7488
    Coatings preparation ASTM D823
  • Rheological


    Viscosity, flow time and other rheology properties.

    Viscosity (Brookfield) ISO 2555 ASTM D2196
    Viscosity (Stormer KU) ASTM D562
    Dynamic viscosity ISO 3219
    Flow time ISO 2431 ASTM D1200 BS 3900-A6 DIN 53211
    Sag resistance ASTM D4400
    Leveling ASTM D4062
    Spatter resistance ASTM D4707
  • Resistance to liquids
    Resistance to liquids
    Resistance to liquids

    Resistance to liquids

    Resistance to water and other liquids according to international standards

    Resistance to water ISO 2812-2 ASTM D870
    Resistance to liquids ISO 2812-1
    Resistance to liquids

    – method using an absorbent medium

    ISO 2812-3
    Resistance to liquids

    – spotting methods

    ISO 2812-4
    Resistance to solvents and detergents ASTM D2248

    ASTM D2792

    ASTM D5402

    Resistance to household chemicals ASTM D1308
    Efficiency of chemical removers ASTM D6189
    Leaching resistance ASTM D7190
  • Plaster testing
    Plaster testing
    Plaster testing

    Plaster testing

    We’re working on changes. We invite you at the end of March.

  • Conformity assessment
    Conformity assessment
    Conformity assessment

    Conformity assessment

    We also conduct comprehensive assessment of compliance with the requirements of standards. We carry out tests according to standards PN (Polish), European (PN-EN), American guides (ASTM), Federal Specifications and German (DIN).

    Interior latex paints PN-C-81914 ASTM D3730

    ASTM D5324

    TT-P-29K DIN 53778-1
    Exterior latex paints PN-C-81913 ASTM D5324
    Primer coatings PN-C-81906 TT-P-650C
    Top coats, enamels PN-C-81907 TT-E-508C
    Wood stains PN-C-81753 ASTM D6763
    Plasters based on organic binder PN-EN 15824
    Wood varnishes ASTM D154
    Wood paints ASTM D2336
    Paints applied on plastics ASTM D3002
    Solvent-borne architectural paints ASTM D5146
    Others standard


  • Raw materials application tests
    Raw materials application tests
    Raw materials application tests

    Raw materials application tests

    We test raw materials for their evaluation of how they work in the formulas of various coating products.

    We study polymer dispersions, fillers, pigments (also pigment pastes), additives (thickeners, dispersants, defoamers, matting agents and many others), coalescents, and others.

    We prepare formulas, laboratory samples on a small scale, and then, according to a set research program, we perform tests to compare with other raw materials, find an effective dose or case studies – how a given raw material works in a given recipe.

    We study the impact of raw materials on the formation of coatings, we carry out evaluations according to standardized ISO, ASTM, BS, UNI and DIN test methods (see applied research methods in the Testing Service section)

    We have a modern research laboratory with calibrated measuring equipment (the laboratory is in the process of accreditation). Each measuring instrument is regularly calibrated and calibrated by specialist calibration laboratories.

    We conduct research based on research methods that allow us to assess the actual impact of the raw material on the performance properties of paints and varnishes in liquid form as well as after applying them to the substrate.

    We investigate the impact of used raw materials on the degradation of coatings (accelerated weathering), we develop formulas adapted to the realities of the Polish and European market, we provide advice on the transfer of application research results to recipes used in production.

    We prepare the results in the form of extensive test reports containing photographs, charts and tables with test results. We can present the results of research at various conferences around the world, including the technology conferences organized by us at the Spektrochem Seminar.

    Download a sample presentation of the results of coalescing application research in wood systems

    Presentation of PRA’s 11th International Woodcoatings Congress (23-24 October 2018) / Amsterdam.

    Each time the test program and scope of tests and formulations are agreed with the client.

    Contact us for more information!

About Us

SPEKTROCHEM is an independent international R&D and testing laboratory that offers innovative solutions, laboratory tests and training for the coatings industry.

We have over 15 years of experience in formulation service, conducting laboratory research, testing, production and education of R&D departments in Poland and abroad. Our team consists of qualified research and commercial staff, our modern laboratory is fully equipped with equipment for testing paints, plasters and coatings.

We have implemented a quality management system ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for the entire process of sample paint preparation for testing, laboratory tests, customer service and reporting of our work results. We are in the accreditation process over 120 international testing methods.

We are an organizational member of ASTM International and Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN).

Our experience serves the development of paint business in Europe and the world. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.



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